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what happens in a session?

Each session is a unique experience as you are held in the sacred space that has been created before you arrive. This enables an organic, meandering unfolding.Questions arise, you gain insights and your portrait begins to reveal itself.

You are met exactly where you are… in dishevelment or despair.. in shock or in grief… everything is welcome so that the symptom portrait is fully revealed and matched to the optimal similar remedy picture.

At the end of the session you take home this remedy to support you in whatever way is needed. You know if the remedy is effective when there is an intensification of symptoms, vivid dreams or the deepest feeling of peace… in short any signs that indicate processing and releasing.

Your remedy meets you exactly where you need to be met to allow you to emerge in your own time.

how many sessions are needed?

Do you want to dip your big toe in the water or do you want to totally submerge yourself in order to emerge? 

Or is it something in between? 

What is optimal for you and your emergence usually becomes clear after an initial session and discussion about your aims and goals.

"You are here to forgive and to awaken to the limitations you have been creating. You are creator and have the ability to transmute anything"

Dr Sue Morter


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