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Spirit Doctor

Diana joins the Spirit Doctor team after many years of homeopathic practice, interwoven with her life as a mother and grandmother. She brings with her finely tunes listening skills, deep insights, compassion and a profound love of nature.

She has an intuitive understanding and connection to homeopathic remedies and, when indicated, will call upon the spirit of homeopathy to come in alongside the Spirit Doctor team.

Her passion is for each and every one of us to live as quintessentially and unapologetically ourselves … a unique expression of the Divine.

“My work with the Spirit Doctor team thrills me to my core. When meeting them for the first time, I had a profound sense of ‘coming home’. Each time I call upon them I am left in wonder and amazement. Each session for myself or another is unique in its unfoldment. I feel deeply honoured and humbled to be an ambassador for them.”

For more about Diana’s work and to book a session, CONTACT me in the first instance and full details will be provided.

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